Fixing the Jasmine “No Specs Found” Error

There are a number of steps in setting up Jasmine for unit testing Javascript code. Skipping one simple step in this process can result in a puzzling “No specs found” error when trying to run tests in a newly created project.

Exploring the Shape of Deep Learning Data with Numpy

At the core of deep learning systems are multidimensional numeric arrays and matrices. The input data, the layers of neurons in the application, and the output data all come in arrays of various forms. Python (and specifically the numpy package) provides ways to examine and debug these arrays.

Serving WebAssembly Files with a Development Web Server

WebAssembly is a relatively recent feature of javascript and modern browsers; as a result, many web servers don’t recognize files the “.wasm” extension as Web Assembly binary files. Here’s how to configure this file type for web servers in the development environment.