Privacy Policy

Effective date: May 18, 2018

This site has virtually no impact on the privacy of users visiting and viewing the contents of this site.

What is

The purpose of this site is to share information about experiences, techniques, and ideas about software development. This site does not sell anything to any visitor of the site nor does it accept money in any way for any feature of the site.

All work on this site is done in the United States, and the site itself is hosted there.

This site does not offer user subscriptions to mailing lists or other services which might require a username and password to be recorded. No such information is kept by this site.

No Cookies are Used on this Site

This site does not use so-called “cookies” to track or preserve any information, either user related information or any other information related to the use of this site.

No Personal Information is Required on this Site

This site does not accept subscriptions to the site that might involve entering personal information.

This site does not conduct marketing campaigns or send email lists to market any products. Neither does it collect and sell lists of emails to anyone, anywhere.

In general, this site does not collect any personal information. The only exception to this is the standard WordPress form for posting a comment to the post (see below for a discussion of Comment Form privacy).

Personal Data Associated with a Comment Form

The Comment form appears at the bottom of the page that displays the full text of an individual post. The Comment form prompts for username and email address, but these are not required in order to leave a comment and don’t have to be filled in in order to submit a comment. If the username is left out, it will be entered as “anonymous”; the email field for the comment will be left blank if none is entered.

All comments are saved for moderation by the site owner before being displayed, and are not made visible for viewing by others until approved.

When a comment is submitted, the IP address of the requesting device is also recorded with the comment. An IP is address has an associated “owner” which is usually a public internet access service (like Comcast or Verizon) or a place of business that provides internet access as part of conducting its business. The actual user is not specifically identified by an IP address.

None of the information (personal information or otherwise) submitted with any comments on this site is ever gathered or used for any promotional purposes.