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Fixing the Jasmine “No Specs Found” Error

There are a number of steps in setting up Jasmine for unit testing Javascript code. Skipping one simple step in this process can result in a puzzling “No specs found” error when trying to run tests in a newly created project.

Serving WebAssembly Files with a Development Web Server

WebAssembly is a relatively recent feature of javascript and modern browsers; as a result, many web servers don’t recognize files the “.wasm” extension as Web Assembly binary files. Here’s how to configure this file type for web servers in the development environment.

yarn + unpkg for Quick Prototyping of Front End Applications

If I were working on a serious project right now, I’d init a project with yarn and start installing packages like webpack for it. But today I don’t want to do that, I just want to create a simple local project to mess around with ReactJS and some other javascript packages. I know I could